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Perhaps you took all the steps to lay down a perfect-looking lawn. You planted your favorite flowers and set up a BBQ on the porch. You may think that’s all you can do to enhance your garden, but your imagination only limits the possibilities.

There are countless ways to decorate your home lawn and make it more beautiful. While a few homeowners prefer adding a fountain or installing complimentary features like stepping stones or a pool, you can also mount lights to boost your lawn’s aesthetics.

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to highlight your yard features and make your home appealing. While other striking yard features look stunning, they rarely capture attention from afar. But any passerby would notice gleaming home garden lights. Further, they convey a warm and welcoming feeling, and guests would be pleased to enter your property.

Regardless of the beautiful surrounding homes, your house will stand prominent among other buildings because of attractive landscape lighting.  Albany NY Landscape Lighting understands the importance of a striking home exterior and offers numerous lighting options for your yard, patio, deck, and garden.

No matter the lighting type and color in your head, we offer various lighting to cater to your needs and demands. Our efficient team takes pride in its quality lighting and expert installation.

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About Us

Landscape Lighting Albany NY has been in the business for a decade now. Having installed numerous landscape lighting for thousands of customers across the town, we’re acquired the skill, knowledge, and expertise needed to nail every project. Regardless of your project’s scope or idea in your head, rest assured our staff will bring the best out of it. Because we regularly train our professionals and keep them updated with the latest lighting designs and trends, there isn’t a new style our staff isn’t aware of. The mindset of getting familiar with the latest trends helps us maintain our reputation as one of the best lighting companies in the state. Having served several clients, we’ve become more aware of each homeowner's unique demands and requirements. Because every homeowner desires a distinctive-looking lawn, they prefer different lights and varying installation styles. Gladly, our lighting services journey has given us an excellent experience, and we understand the specific process of installing certain lights. We also share our customer experiences and provide recommendations regarding lighting that best fits your home and lifestyle. However, if you have a unique idea in your head, you’re always welcome to share it. Our experts advocate transparent communication to discuss the project ideas and draft a suitable plan accordingly. This helps us achieve our ultimate goal: quality work and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Landscape Lighting Albany NY?

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Can Count On!

With numerous lighting companies providing several services, why should you choose us? Many reasons make us reliable and trustable service providers for your home lighting project. No one wants to compromise the quality of work regarding their home features. Because individuals invest their money in each home project – big or small – they prefer hiring a skilled, affordable, and experienced workforce that can do the best for their property.


Thinking out of the box has always been a customer priority and our preference. Different lighting types can be installed distinctively - creativity is all it takes. Besides, where you must install the light to highlight your yard features and make it look more stunning is something achieved through creative thinking. Anyone can purchase yard lights and mount them, but not everyone can make them look appealing. We’re glad to share that our knowledgeable team has creative thinking skills that help them make the most out of each landscape lighting project. We are always ready to implement the craziest client ideas and nail them to their satisfaction.


With significant experience comes excellent skill. Landscape Lighting takes pride in its skillful workforce. Although we have experts on our team, we regularly familiarize them with the latest lighting types and designs to polish their skills. Anyone can install lighting, but there’s a fine line between those mounted skillfully and those established by the inexperienced. Having undertaken numerous lighting tasks, our contractors have the skills to breathe life into each lighting project. Our skill has motivated thousands of customers to place their trust in us, and gladly speaking; we’ve lived up to their expectations.


Maybe you got inspired by the outdoor lighting you saw in a picture on Pinterest, but your budget keeps you from reaching out to a professional lighting company. Because lighting impacts your home’s exterior - positively - you might assume this project will burn a hole in your pocket and take a massive chunk out of your budget. However, that’s not the case if you’re working with us. Landscape Lighting NY takes care of your budget and needs and offers affordable alternatives without compromising quality. So, no matter your dream regarding outdoor lighting, we work out fingers to the bone to achieve it. Client satisfaction and happiness are our sole objectives, and we ensure to fulfill our goals.


No matter a company’s resources and regardless of the team size, if lighting service providers lack experience, you cannot expect a positive outcome. Hiring inexperienced lighting solution providers won’t only waste the money you’ll spend on resources but also the labor. So, instead of hiring experts later and paying the second time, why not choose wisely on the first go? Albany NY Landscape Lighting has an experienced and knowledgeable team that works efficiently to make your landscape aesthetically pleasing. Once we have the resources and understand the scope of the lighting project, we quickly install the lights and blend them with your unique outdoor decor.

Advantages of Garden and Landscape Lights

You may think a beautiful lawn is all you’ll achieve after considering an exterior lighting project. But outdoor lighting offers a lot more than that. From brightening your paths to transforming your home and adding a warm feeling to enhancing your safety, adding lights to your landscape does more for you.

Complementing Your Outdoor Decor

Strategic installation of outdoor lighting helps you highlight your existing yard features. For instance, you may have beautiful-looking walkways and pathways that aren’t prominent because of the darkness. Adding lights makes up for a clear path depicting a welcoming atmosphere. Further, you can also use exterior lighting to mark your property lines or make barriers you do not want outsiders to walk over.

Moreover, you can enhance the water lighting features for a pool or fountain. Finally, adding colorful lights to trees and flower beds allows your family to enjoy a night outdoors – typically on a chill winter night. Note that outdoor lighting isn’t limited to your landscape and its features. You can also install them on porches, railings, and staircases.

Illuminating Your Outdoor Space
Your living room shouldn’t be the only place you spend time with your guests, friends, and family. Instead, you can extend your quality time to your yard. Your backyard and patio offer a great place to enjoy meals, entertain guests, and share moments of joy with your family. Because exterior lighting illuminates your outdoor space, it makes it usable at night. The only thing that keeps us from enjoying outside is the darkness. Gladly, you can overcome the issue by incorporating colorful lights. Further, you have endless choices for the kind of ambiance you desire to create. For instance, if you want to set up your outdoor space for spending special nights with your better half, you may want to go for dim lights. However, colorful lights might be the right choice for your kids to play outside at night. Likewise, you may want to opt for more decent outdoor lighting if you aim to entertain your guests outdoors or host BBQ dinners.
Enhance Safety

Undeniably, outdoor lighting looks appealing, but it also offers a great way to make your house safer for your kids, friends, and family. As stated earlier, you can use lights to illuminate your paths and walkways. Further, incorporating lights on the driveway, stairs, and uneven areas helps. The illuminated places keep your family, guests, and friends from unexpected injuries.

The more prominent the paths are, the lesser the chances of falling or slipping. So, install lights around the pool, decks, patios, and seating areas. A well-lit outdoor space will keep your family safe and stress-free. You won’t feel worried about your kids playing outdoors without your supervision.

Reduce the Chance of Burglary

A significant reason why experts recommend exterior lighting to homeowners is this one. An illuminated outdoor space boosts your yard features and makes your home more secure. Reports show that burglary is one of the most common threats to US homes, as a burglar strikes properties every 13 seconds. These shocking stats encourage individuals to go for outdoor lighting.

Installing lights in the nooks and crannies of your home will keep robbers away from your home; they won’t find a suitable place to sneak into your property. Besides, your friends and guests will feel more comfortable coming to your house. Well-maintained outdoor lighting conveys that your home is looked after, which deters crime.

If you’re worried about hiked utility bills because of outdoor lighting, you can use lights featuring motion sensors. These lights only illuminate when they detect someone crossing the path. So, it won’t only save you money but also surprise anyone who might be trying to break into your home. A few lights also allow you to set timers. This illuminates the lights as soon as it’s dark outside and turns them off during the daytime.

Complementing Your Outdoor Decor

Any addition to your property will boost its value, and there are no two ways about it. The complimentary outdoor lighting will give you an immediate return on investment apart from benefiting your family and guests. The National Association of Home Builders highlights that 41% of potential home buyers consider outdoor lighting as one of the essential features.

Further, around 49% of buyers rate it as a desirable quality. You can enhance your outdoor features and boost curb appeal by creatively installing outdoor lights. From softer to brighter and medium to dull, numerous design options allow versatility for your home garden. You can discuss your ideal plan with the lighting contractor, and they’ll guide you better, considering your needs and demands.




Types of Outdoor Lighting

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Service Experts!

The importance of quality lighting can only be known after you or your neighbors install one. You’ll acknowledge its benefits once you incorporate it into your yard. However, if your neighbors opt for one, you’ll notice the difference between your home and theirs. Your property will look a lot darker and almost invisible at night because your neighbor’s landscape lighting will outshine your property.

At this point, you’d likely want to consider outdoor lighting. How you choose to install the lighting significantly depends on your selection. Of course, if you desire to illuminate your walkway, you won’t be picking step lights. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with different lighting types to choose the right for your home.

Flood Lights

Floodlights allow you to cast light on specific yard areas. They provide a beam speed of around 120 degrees - reasonably good. A floodlight is an excellent option if you’re willing to highlight your walkway, driveway, or other unique yard features. Apart from making outdoor features prominent, these lights also increase the visibility and safety of your home. If you’re into aesthetically pleasing and trendy lights, do not forget to keep floodlights on your list.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are pretty popular among most homeowners, and for good reasons. Because homeowners typically consider pathway lights, bollards allow a perfect way to accent the pathway. Unlike floodlights, their brightness isn’t overpowering, making them an ideal choice for walkways. Because extra bright path lights block the view, bollard lights feature a decent, dim light, allowing for a clear path. They are perfect to set a welcoming ambiance for your guests but only if you incorporate them wisely. Placing them at an appropriate distance and adding only a few fixtures will help you make the most out of these soothing lights.

String Lights

If you’re into minimalistic designs, string lights are an option to consider. They’ll make your yard look classic and trendy. Besides, an even light diffusion across your yard makes them an ideal choice for most homeowners. If you have a seating area in your landscape, string lights will brighten it uniformly, adding to your comfort.

Ground Lights

Adding lights for illumination is one thing, but enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal and boosting its current silhouette is another. If you have a spacious outdoor space, we recommend installing ground lights for a lavish-looking home exterior. As the name suggests, ground lights are incorporated into the ground. Typically, they are installed closer to the boundary walls or on the walkways. So, even if your yard doesn’t have specialized features, adding ground lights makes up for a luxurious look.

Path Lights

Adding lights to your outdoor stairway and pathway gives a welcoming vibe. A well-lit walking space in your garden conveys a more sophisticated and elegant look. Where path lights please your guests, they also improve the safety of your kids and family members. An illuminated pathway keeps people from falling and getting injured. A Series of lights create markers and help people find their way toward home or yard. Further, they also enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are one of the best lighting types you can pick for your landscape. They aren’t meant to illuminate the paths but the flowers, plants, and yard features. Garden lights come in all shapes and designs. However, mushroom-shaped lights are the most widely used. While path lights do not require much creativity because they have to illuminate the path by the end of the day, garden lights demand you to think out of the box and go the extra mile. You need to determine a focal point of your yard because this will be where you’ll install the lights. Professionals suggest placing them near natural landscape features. For instance, they are perfect for highlighting flowers and exotic plants.


As the name suggests, spotlights are meant to illuminate specific areas to highlight them. They are pretty similar to floodlights. The only difference, however, is the beam spread. Their beam is narrower and around 45 degrees - far less than floodlights. You can use them to accentuate particular display points like architecture and the scenic details of your home exterior.

Wall Lights

These lights can be incorporated on any vertical surface and offer a perfect way to make specific landscape features more prominent. You can install them on stairways, patios, pathways, and decks, and they’ll look classy regardless. A few homeowners also choose to install them on their exterior walls closer to the ground. This offers a way to highlight not only your home but also your yard.

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landscape lighting albany ny
landscape lighting albany ny

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