Deck and Patio Lighting

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Can Rely On!

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Rely On!

Creativity is all it takes to upgrade your home exterior. While adding aesthetics to your outdoors is one thing, strategic installation of a deck and patio can add to its functionality.

For instance, you can create a space to have a BBQ dinner, enjoy meals, attend a musical night with your friends and even watch a movie with your family. Because every homeowner has unique preferences, you must determine yours before choosing the lighting style and design.

Once you have a style in your head, it’ll help us suggest you an appropriate lighting design for your home. For instance, a warm glow will create a perfect ambiance if you want to transform your deck into a night theatre. Likewise, turning your patio into a kid’s play area would require us to install colorful lights.

Landscape Lighting Albany NY has completed numerous projects, which have given us experience and knowledge regarding exterior lights. Having served many customers, we’ve understood the unique ideas of every homeowner and how to approach each project for a successful outcome.

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Epic Deck and Patio Lighting Ideas

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Service Experts!

Before hastily picking up any attractive-looking deck lights, you must consider your needs and preferences. Drawing up plans initially and gathering deck and patio light ideas will help you choose the right one for your needs. We’ve curated a list from our experience and popular customer choices. If you’re unsure about your ideal option, you may find one below. You may also contact us at Landscape Lighting Albany NY for more details.

Under the Counter Deck Lighting

Do you want to cook meals or have BBQ nights outdoors? Consider investing in under-counter deck lighting. Of course, you'll install counters if you have dinners with your friends, guests, and family members on your deck. Adding lights below the counters will illuminate the spaces and give you the brightness you need during cooking and preparing meals. Further, you may sometimes want to turn the counters into your workspace. The lights underneath will come in handy no matter how you utilize the deck counters.

In-Floor Lighting

Lighting your deck floor may not be necessary, particularly to illuminate the space, because you’ll always have more options - think spotlights, for instance. But if you’re into aesthetics, you may want to consider in-floor lighting. Of course, lights incorporated into the flooring will make your deck eye-catching from afar. We recommend using low-voltage bulbs to save energy and costs.

Under Rail Lighting

LED-powered or solar lights are perfect for adding below the railing for a soft glow. While under-rail lighting is an excellent way to complement your deck railing, it also brightens the space for a comfortable seating area. These lights typically come rounded, but you’ll find more styles on the market. While you can pick from your favorite colors, we recommend yellow or orange lights for a perfect glow. Other colors under the railing make it difficult to view the objects lying on the table. For instance, colorful lights beneath the fence aren’t ideal if you wish to read your favorite book outside.


As the name implies, spotlights are used to illuminate a specific spot on your deck. You can install them where you need the light the most. Homeowners typically prefer mounting spotlights above the dinner table. This allows them to brighten the table and enjoy meals comfortably. We recommend incorporating spotlights above the tables or counter shelves to create an outdoor deck space specifically for your guests.

Combination Lights

If unsure how to go about the deck lighting, consider adding lights at several places for a contemporary-styled deck. To begin with, you shouldn’t skip adding lights to the fireplace as it serves as a focal point during winter. Further, you can add lights below the benches and inside the flooring for an enhanced deck appearance.

Hanging Lights

If you’re into minimalist and old-style designs, hanging lights is a perfect way to cast a warm glow over your patio. You can complement your outdoor living space by adding a mirror to pick up the sunshine and produce a shimmering effect. You can also mount them above the dinner table. However, be careful not to install them closer to the counter. There should be a considerable distance between the roof and the table for you to enjoy meals conveniently.

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landscape lighting albany ny
landscape lighting albany ny
Colored Lights

Colored lights aren’t an option for any deck space. Choosing a place wisely will help you make the most out of colored lighting. We recommend installing them on deck walkways for a glowy and decorative appearance. You can also pick lights that change colors for a more versatile deck. However, keep the energy efficiency factor in mind and choose LED or solar lights to minimize utility bills.


Lanterns offer a quick, functional, and affordable way to light up your deck. You can use battery-operated or featuring solar bulbs to illuminate different parts of your patio. If you desire to read a book, watch a movie, or have dinner on your deck, you can place the lantern at the selected location to benefit from its portability. If you’re indecisive about deck lighting, lanterns are an affordable option that takes convenience to another level.