Landscape Lighting

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The lighting that illuminates your interior differs from those that brighten your exterior. Because it is meant to transform your lawn and improve your home’s value, you must consider several factors when choosing the type, color, design, and style. At Landscape Lighting Albany NY, we aim to understand your precise needs and offer real solutions to cater to your demands.

We believe each lighting project needs excellent attention to detail for a positive outcome. Therefore, we support the idea of communication when undertaking any lighting project. A sincere, heart-to-heart conversation helps us understand your concepts and provide suggestions accordingly.

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What Is the Best Landscape Lighting?

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Service Experts!

The best landscape lighting in Albany NY doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one. Instead, it’ll be the most suitable option regardless of the price tag if it meets your requirements and takes care of your needs.

We advocate investing in low-voltage lights for the right reasons. Such lighting consumes less energy and cuts down on costs.

Apart from saving you from skyrocketing energy bills, they also save installation and maintenance costs.

Low-voltage lights featuring straightforward technologies are easy to install and do not require spending more on upkeep.

How well affordable, low-voltage lights illuminate your property depends on the artistry by the end of the day. We ensure to do the best we can for impeccable landscape lighting. Once you trust us, you’ll be glad to see the outcome.

Popular Types of Landscape Lighting

You have endless landscape lighting options. While never running out of choices sounds enticing, it has a massive downside. For instance, homeowners often find themselves at sea with what to select. Taking a look at some popular options may help you pick the best one for your home.

Up Lighting

Almost everyone is familiar with uplighting. As the name suggests, they are used to light up a specific landscape feature for a dramatic touch. For instance, you can install them on tree trunks or tall yard parts. Not only will it highlight your landscape elements, but it will make them more captivating.

Silhouette Lighting

The silhouette is perfect to showcase your landscape features that aren’t prominent during the daytime. This typically involves installing a light source behind a feature and cast light toward the focal point. Experts also conceal the light source for a more dramatic effect.


Shadowing is the inverse of silhouetting. This lighting type requires you to position the light between the primary standpoint and element under the light - with lighting focusing on the feature. However, note that you need a wall behind the object to capture the generated shadows. You won’t be able to achieve the desired effect without a level plane at the back of the feature receiving the light. Overall, it is perfect to create a soft and cozy ambiance.

Multiple Lights

If you want to go above and beyond for your landscape decor, installing multiple lights is the way. You can always discuss your unique ideas with us, and we’ll help you achieve the most stunning-looking landscape across your neighborhood. You can mount lights on the pathways, driveways, plants, trees, deck, and onto the flooring. Further, adding lanterns or lighting a fireplace also makes up for a gorgeous landscape. Again, you’ll never run out of options.

Things to Consider Before Installing Landscape Lighting

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Can Count On!

The entire idea of landscape lighting is too exciting to resist. You get to boost your home aesthetics, improve curb appeal, and enhance your property’s value. Besides, adding more safety is yet another pro of outdoor lighting. However, you must remember a few things before installing lights on your landscape.

Choose Location

Because a few lighting types are equipped with cables, choosing an appropriate location is crucial for a positive outcome. For instance, your children would be carelessly playing in the yard, and installing lights with running cables at an improper location is not wise.

Our professionals can always guide you about the best location that doesn’t compromise aesthetics and improves safety.

Less Is More

You do not need to install any lights for an attractive landscape. Note that the lighting must complement your yard features and not outshine them. You must maintain balance when picking and installing lights for your landscape.

Too much lighting will look extra and overwhelm your guests and passersby.

Consider Energy Efficiency

You’ll regret installing some landscape lighting after receiving escalating energy bills.

However, if you’ll approach this plan smartly, this investment is worth every penny. So, make sure you choose LED lights because they use less energy and will help you cut down on costs.