Well and Pond Lighting

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Can Rely On!

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Services Locals Can Count On!

Your home exterior is like a jewel in the crown. Indeed, the landscape pond is the centerpiece. The gentle rustling of leaves, the smell of fresh spring flowers, and the gleaming fish scales make you forget about the day’s stressors.

Once you sit beside your pond to alleviate tension and revive, you realize how this landscape feature adds to your lifestyle and improves your well-being. But what about the time when the sun goes down and the night sky takes over your home? Would it be fair to deprive yourself of relaxation only because it’s dark outside? We bet not!

Landscape Lighting Albany NY understands the importance pond plays in upgrading your lifestyle. However, we wish you enjoy this luxury year-round, at any moment and time – including the night. Pond lighting allows you to enjoy the delights of your pond in the dark, too. Therefore, we offer reliable pond lighting services to level up your home exterior and highlight your pond features.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pond Lighting

The Landscape Lighting Albany NY Service Experts!

Pond and well lighting offers an instant way to enhance your landscape aesthetics. You do not need additional construction or structural changes to improve your exterior. Instead, adding a few lights is all it takes to achieve a soft, moody vibe. However, as with any home feature, you must keep a few things in mind for a successful pond lighting project. Contact us at Landscape Lighting Albany NY for more details.


When someone mentions pond lighting, we typically think of installing them inside the pond. However, you can even mount them on bricks or concrete pieces besides your pond. You can also keep solar lights on the pond's edges; they’ll beautify the rocks and other decorative features around the water. Lighting globes and other decorative pond lights can add a creative touch to your pond. Further, portable lighting is another option to move the light source at your convenience and change location per your preferences.

Bulb Type

How long pond lights last and how well they illuminate significantly depends on the bulb type. Make sure you pick reliable bulbs that do not squeeze too much energy and perform reasonably well in decorating your pond. We recommend investing in low-voltage or LED bulbs. The former will last for up to a few months. On the other hand, the latter will endure the test of time and last longer. Yes, LED bulbs might not be the most affordable option, but they illuminate brighter, providing a radiant glow.

Pond Depth and Light Wattage

The wattage of the light determines how well it illuminates your pond, not its size. Besides, the depth of your pond also counts in. For instance, the deeper the pond, the more wattage you’ll need to illuminate it. Typically, a 20W bulb works great to brighten your pond and its edges. You can always swap a 20W bulb with a 12W LED bulb - it would provide reasonably good light. If unsatisfied, you can always replace the existing bulb with a higher-wattage bulb.

Fixture Lifespan

What’s the point of spending money on a fixture bulb if it lasts for a few weeks? You must invest in a bulb that doesn’t compromise performance and lasts longer. In all honesty, there’s no such thing as a 100% reliable submersible bulb. All underwater fixtures are prone to leaks over time. Nonetheless, you can significantly reduce the possibility of leaks by opting for a well-built fixture. To begin with, you’d need to consider the material that works great for long-term solutions.

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Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel consists of iron, it is resistant to rust. It features an iron alloy combined with chromium that keeps it from rusting. As long as the fixture is engineered by experts and contains tight gaskets that keep the water from making its way into the housing, it can be an excellent option to illuminate your pond.


Although they aren’t the most famous underwater fixtures, submersible aluminum fixtures exist. Utilizing aluminum below the water has only one drawback: it's a ferrous metal. In simple words, it is susceptible to rust. However, if you desire to choose it for your home, here’s the positive news: most aluminum fixtures go through specialized procedures to make them corrosion-free. Typically, they are coated with a powder that keeps them from rusting. Nonetheless, even a tiny scratch on the aluminum fixture makes it susceptible to rust. Once it begins to erode, there’s no going back.


Brass eliminates the danger of corrosion being a non-ferrous alloy. This feature makes it a popular choice for most marine applications. It withstands even the harshest of surroundings and stands the test of time. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it one of the most durable submersible fixture options.

Ceramic and Composite

Ceramic and composite fixtures are inexpensive, but they’re prone to breaks. For instance, the UV rays of the sun or temperature changes can crack the plastic housing, making them susceptible to leaks. If you choose this option, submerge them completely to protect them from environmental stressors.

Pro Tip

Avoid dipping the fixtures partially, regardless of the type you choose for your pond. Underwater fixtures are meant to operate underwater. Keeping the institutions dry can wear out their housing and other waterproofing elements. Therefore, properly submerging them is crucial for their optimal functioning.